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Click Here to Contact Stephen C. Miller, an attorney catering to the needs of Aviation Professionals. Stephen is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Federal Court System.

  • Aviation Employment:
  • It is illegal for your employer to fire, discipline, or even refuse to upgrade or promote you because you have refused to violate the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) or other laws. Employers are also forbidden from taking these actions in retaliation for your reporting them for FAR or law violations. Yet we all know pilots, flight attendants, agents and mechanics who have had this happen to them.

    Stephen C. Miller can help: He has over eighteen years experience in all aspects of commercial, military, and general aviation and can apply that experience, combined with his legal expertise to your situation to possibly save your job and get you compensated for losses caused by your employer's illegal actions. Often at no cost to the crewmember!

  • FAA Certificate Defense:
  • If you've ever gotten a traffic ticket in your car you know the anxiety that it can cause. What do I do now? Can I avoid the points? How will this affect my insurance?: All these are legitimate concerns now imagine the ramifications if that ticket could impact your ability to earn a living right now or qualify for a better job in the future...Even if you submit a NASA Form FAA certificate actions can cost you your future. It is almost never in your best interest to try handling this without an attorney even if you are positive you did nothing wrong and think the FAA will be reasonable once you explain what really happened. There are ways to negotiate with the FAA or even avoid having to deal with them but you must get an attorney before you respond to the FAA!

    Stephen C. Miller is an Aircraft Owner and Pilots Association (AOPA) Legal Services Plan Attorney, a member of the NTSB bar association and the Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association. He has the know how and the resources to help you protect your certificate and your career.

    Remember: NASA Forms are a great tool in protecting your ticket, but they are not get out of jail free cards. Among other things, they DO NOT protect you from: intentional acts or accident investigations and they DO NOT prevent the FAA from violating you... they only prevent the FAA from suspending your privileges because of the violation.

  • Death & Taxes (...and Marriage):
  • The first two evils are inevitable for everyone the third seems to specifically target aviators. The professional aviator has unique Wills and Estate Planning, Tax, Pre-Nuptial, divorce and bankruptcy needs (we tend to have messy divorces because we NEVER seem to have Pre-Nuptial Agreements). Recent changes to the bankruptcy laws have made it crucial for people whose income exceeds their local median (i.e. most aviators) to retain an attorney who understands their situation. Bankruptcy is still available to those whose debts far exceed their income and assets but the rules have changed.

    Stephen C. Miller is an attorney and an aviator who can meet those needs for you.

  • Civil Litigation/Criminal Defense: When misfortune strikes your family Stephen C. Miller can handle your case, or find you an attorney in your jurisdiction who can.

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